Speaking one language with textile, painting, move and music

2019, May 06

Sponsorship of COSMOSOLUNA for Biennale di Venezia 2019

Inspired and initiated by the current picture series ‚Mondstrahlen‘ and ‚Azimut‘ by the painter Gotlind Timmermann, the textile artist and social designer Miro Craemer is developing the interdisciplinary performance ‚Cosmoluna‘ especially for the Palazzo Bembo in the heart of Venice during 58th Biennale di Venezia. We share his view of textile being art and support him financially in the realisation of the project. It will be a symbiosis between contemporary performers, language of textiles and painting. The cosmic significance of the moon and the 50th anniversary of the moon landing in 1969 form the starting point for a choreographed walk, living ‘textile sculptures through the Palazzo Bembo.

Just as we do, Miro Craemer sees textile as a global language that can be combined with other cultural disciplines such as art, dance and music to create a total work of art, to lead important social discourses emotionally and rationally. According to Klaus Steger, „we are happy to support the project because his artistic approach has many affinities with our company values. We aim to foster social responsibility – especially of concern for the environment – and a dialogue that builds connections between different disciplines and needs.“

The costumes will capture the blues, the silver and white of Moonbeam, and the orange tones of Gotlind Timmermann’s work “Azimut”. Known for his extraordinary cuts and color combinations, Craemer designs textile pieces with attitude and flexibility at the same time. The formal language, together with the materials – predominantly recycled material – and the color compositions, become an emotional and aesthetic manifesto for the cosmos as the origin, yearning and responsibility of humanity.

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