A yarn with history

2018, December 19

Monsone Nm 36/1 on the winner's podium

Our quality Monsone Nm 36/1 proves that ‘used’ does not necessarily mean antiquated and dusty.
Being made of 100% recycled Merino wool, it reached Top 10 at ISPO Textrends and will be displayed next February at ISPO Munich.
Also, our qualities Sargassi Nm 52/1 (Merino and biodegradable polyamide, green), Serengeti Nm 48/1 (100% RWS certified Merino wool, black), Morelia Nm 60/1 (Merino wool and Repreve polyester, blue) and Rododendro Nm 64/1 (100% Merino wool, yellow) made it into the ‘Selection’ category of Textrend’s Eco area.
Look out for them when strolling across the fair!

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