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Suedwolle Group Italia was born in October 2017 as a result of the fusion process started in November 2015 which involved the Italian companies Biella Yarn by Südwolle, ERWO Italia (Prato), HF Filati (Schio) and Safil.

The company, through its Bulgarian branch, is a spinning mill that uses wool and noble fibers, operating in an international context as part of the Südwolle Group, and at the same time providing the cone dyeing process as its main service thanks to the dyeing mill that is still named Safil Dyeing and located in the Gaglianico plant.

Suedwolle Group Italia’s goal is to offer uniqueness in style and quality as well as sustainability within the Group, giving a higher level of guarantees to customers, suppliers, employees and the territory.

Suedwolle Group Italia is therefore one big team which includes different locations present in the Biella, Prato and Schio areas.
The cone dyeing, winding and warehouse departments, with international shipments dispatched every day, represent the heart of the Italian plant, that to date counts about 160 employees.

Apart from Suedwolle Group Italia, we can produce very sophisticated luxury yarns through our sister company GTI (Gruppo Tessile Industriale S.p.A. that was founded in 1928.
Since the beginning the company focused on providing an exclusive range of luxurious yarns made of all natural raw material that could be spun.

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“No one does it alone. When you look at most big things that get done, they’re not done by one person, so you’re going to need to build a team. You’re going to need people that have complementary skills.” – Mark Zuckerberg

Our philosophy

With about 160 employees, Suedwolle Group Italia takes care of people by paying attention to a work environment which is ideal for professional growth and the personal development of human resources, considered the heart of the business.

Suedwolle Group Italia is an international company, distinguished by a dynamic and creative work environment, which believes in team work and in the collaboration between people, regardless of their professional level.

Our company believes in an organization based on a horizontal hierarchy, characterized by “network thinking”, considered the basis for the development of human resources. The Group thinks that people are not single isolated individuals but resources which are part of a tight network of social, personal and group relations.

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