Signing the European Outdoor Group Sustainability Charter

2018, May 02

Not a state but a journey...

…is the main topic of the European Outdoor Group’s (EOG) recently published Sustainability Charter. Once the Charter is signed by an EOG member, it outlines nine guidelines how to evolve into a company that respectfully produces products with value for the environment.
The Charter considers sustainable business development as a journey with three stages, starting from very basic commitments to a fully implemented strategy within the company.
We are very proud to have discovered that our previous efforts towards a mindful corporate management are well evolved and we meet all nine criteria, for example, integrating sustainability into our standart governance and management with proper communcation. As a result, we have reached the third and last level of the EOG’s Sustainability Charter.
In a world of limited resources it is on us to make the difference.
Let’s make an impact. Together.

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