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2018, June 11

Ecobalance Brief 2018

We make decisions everyday. Some might be seemingly small and intuitive, others might influence a whole industry which employs 60 million people worldwide, like the textile business.
We are just one part of a large industry network, the countless small decisions we take everyday often weigh heavier than initially assumed and the question of ‚what to wear‘ is not only linked to leaders.
There is no more ‚business-as-usual‘ as opportunities for the customer engagement and business innovation might be missed. Do you know the Global Fashion Agenda, a leadership forum on fashion sustainability, launched the CEO Agenda of 2018? It encompasses seven priorities that should be a priority for any CEO right now to become more environmentally and socially aware in all business practices. The goal is to take action and tackle the complexity of our everyday challenge, producing with respect to the environment.
I can proudly say that many of the core priorities for immediate implementation like supply chain traceability or transparency can readily be found in the day-to-day work of our Group.
Of course, these principles are useless if kept only at the CEO-level and not being lived as a company philosophy. So whether you are a technician, sales expert or CEO – Let’s think beyond next season!

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