Time travelling for a timelessly fashionable object

2019, August 06

Sponsorship of Polytechnic University student Keith Kwok

Recently, the graduation show of Polytechnic University has taken place with immense success.
We supported the student Keith Kwok with Victoria NM 30/2 yarns.
He was already awarded by ‘Knitwear Innovation and Design Society’ for his participation in Knitwear Symphony competition in 2017, where we also already provided him with yarns.
In his most current collection he thematizes the invention of the time machine, with a timeless and fashionable object travelling from the 19th century to the future. He wants to awaken the value of ‘Time’ and convey the message that we should cherish the moment so that a better future can be created.
But let’s stop talking big and let the photos speak for themselves.

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