Responsibility for our sheep

2017, October 09

Sheep farm in Australia

Retaining nutrients is very important and our sheep farm, Mount Hesse, is tested regularly to ensure optimal growth of plants and crops, providing intensive grazing for Merino sheep.

Soil science is an important aspect of farming on Mount Hesse.
There are varying soil types that store nutrients and water in different ways.
We monitor our ground with soil tests so that macro elements such as phosphorous, sulphur, potassium and nitrogen are maintained in the grounds and do not dispose into the sub surface water system or run off into streams.

The farm is fenced to classify land and the ground is tested regularly so that we get optimum growth from our crops and plants.
The western district of Victoria is known for its acidic volcanic territory so we have made every effort to preserve our property by applying lime to lift the pH of our soils to allow crops to thrive in this once difficult environment.

The farm is on a volcanic plain, therefore, some Stones were relocated so that the pastures could be optimized and crops planted with the greatest Chance to succeed.
Prior to this a check is made to determine that there are no native animals that will be disturbed and areas are set aside for their use.

Trees are planted in these piles of stone which provide shade and shelter for the sheep and a home for the many birds, insects and small animals found on the property.

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