All eyes on Antwerp!

2019, July 03

Cooperation with the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp and The Woolmark Company

For their most recent fashion show last June we have supported ten Master and Bachelor students of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts’ fashion Department with Merino wool yarns.
The Royal Academy of Fine Arts is one of the most famous design academies in the world.
The Academy put the emphasis on not only a greater individual expression of the students but also on international orientation, and especially on boundless conceptual creativity.
Until today, the Fashion Department of Antwerp continues to produce countless of talented designers under the guidance of Walter Van Beirendonck.

Besides that we have given an award together with The Woolmark Company to the two students who showed the most creative use of Merino wool yarns in the Show Collection.
In the picture you can see Ingrid Oomen (The Woolmark Company), two winners Linus Leonardsson and Sam Slegers and Ibrahim Soenmez (Suedwolle Group).
We invited the two students to our HQ for further exciting projects.

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