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2017, November 27

Our new Purespun spinning technology

Unbelievably vibrant and extremely powerful – the hummingbird combines pure energy with outstanding strength like no other animal. Its rapid wing movements allow it to hover in midair, a feat unachieved by any other species.
The hummingbird concentrates on the essential, it relies on its natural power.
That’s all it needs.
The same applies to our Purespun technology yarns: You don‘t need any add-ons or syntehtics to get a powerful yarn for outdoor and sportswear. We use the origin of all of our products: 100% Merino wool. Through our special Purespun spinning technology we create a yarn that is exceptionally strong, compact, elastic, but still truely natural and biodegradable.

Get rid of the add-ons, nature provides you with everything you really need.

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