The sooner now

2018, October 08

Sharing ideas for a life in the city

„Cities are bursting out of their old structures, and its implications are ubiquitously noticeable in everyday urban life. Everything that we do today has an effect on our future and the futures of our cities. This implies a sense of shared responsibility within the community concerning our everyday decisions.“
‚The Sooner Now‘ is an initiative by Berlin-based organization ‚FreundevonFreunden‘ and MINI that seeks to discuss and foster thinking about the future of our cities. For the latest event in the German fashion city Düsseldorf, we were invited to discuss futuristic materials, fabrics and technologies. Whilst fashion trends seem to chase each other, the latest novelties of the textile industry are forming a countermovement. When searching for futuristic fabrics and technologies, textile life cycles and longevity are in focus.
Together with Jo Baumgartner, Trend Director of Munich Fabric Start, Vlasta Kubušová, founder of Crafting plastics! Studio and Tim Labenda, fashion designer, Verena Keller discussed what tomorrow’s fashion looks like.
In our role as supplier and solution provider we discussed the benefits of using wool in an everchanging urban life. From being a fashion, sports and technical fibre to not contributing to microplastics pollution we also talk about its origins and traceability options.
All in all, it was amazing get-together with enthusiastic people that share a common mindset of solidarity towards other people and the environment.

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