Meet Agnieszka!

2019, April 17

Partnership with Lillelam for the Fashion Revolution campaign

Agnieszka produces – together with other passionate colleagues – the finest Merino yarn for Lillelam, a brand that sells 100% Merino baby clothes. She has been working in East West Spinning, our spinning mill in Poland, for over 20 years and ensures that our yarn is treated with passion and care.
Have you ever wondered who made your clothes? This is what the Fashion Revolution campaign wants to shed light on and we, as Merino yarn supplier for Lillelam, are part of it! It takes place from 22th to 28th April 2019. Lillelam produces its products exclusively in Europe and attaches great importance to working conditions along the entire value chain.
Agniezka says that she is “proud to be part of the long textile tradition of her region and is happy to contribute to the future of this industry”.
Thank you very much, Agnieszka, for your daily commitment and support of the Fashion Revolution initiative!

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