Make it better!

2019, February 07

Cooperation with Napapijri and Master students of Creative Knitwear Design

Inspired in the Dinamic Double Weave principle where color interacts and changes with each other for human thermoregulation, this garment has been created in order to give outdoor protection and to maintain internal temperature. Using ADF 530 32 W Multi Gauge Stoll IKAT Plating design, this unisex oversize coat has a multicolor two layer jacquard which has the particular addition of colour change according to the movement of the pattern placement and body movement, turning from blue to green. The coat is reinforce with punch needle detail in order to make it more sti the coat for OutDoor protection. Following the ‘Make it better’ Napapijri philosophy, this garment is in addition a piece of light visibility at night as it has details of reective yarn placed on the nishing border of the coat as well as the logo. This reective yarn has been place using the Stoll-weave-in Technology. A mix between sportswear, fashion and performance, this coat is suitable for men and women outdoor night activities.

Our yarn: Buran Sport Nm 2/30
55% Trevira Polyester with Climate effect
45% Merino wool Extrafine 19.5 µ, anti-shrinkage

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