Machine washable Merino – without chlorine

2017, October 12

Naturetexx® Plasma

Are you looking for easy care Merino?

The Naturetexx® Plasma technology, the ‚Tesla‘ of machine washable wool, is based on a completely new, environment-centered approach. The process uses plasma instead of chlorine to modify the wool fibre surface. The process is free of chemicals and takes place in a dry state without water.

How does it work?

A plasma field is generated by discharging voltage between two electrodes in a controlled and consistent manner. Carefully prepared wool passes through the plasma field where electrons and ions in the plasma interact with the wool fibre. They permanently modify the wool top’s surface and even out the wool fibre’s scales. The wool is then spun into a thread that can be used for knitting or weaving. Final garments are machine washable without felting and shrinkage.

Various certifications accentuate the environmental benefits of Naturetexx® Plasma. It is certified by OEKO-TEX®, bluesign® and for organic use by GOTS and IVN Best.

For its environmental innovativeness Naturetexx® Plasma has earned, from 329 applicants, the highly regarded OutDoor Industry Gold Award 2015 in the category of ‘Sustainable Innovations’. According to the judging panel, the eco-friendly treatment of wool is an important innovation as wool represents a major trend in the textile market.

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