Intertwined with nature

2019, June 27

Betaspun Evolution

While nature demands evolution, survival of the fittest is not just about strength, it’s also about flexibility.
The giraffe evolves to reach the highest, juiciest leaves by adapting to everchanging surroundings.
Evolutionize your Merino collection by intertwining ecological fibres for strength and flexibility – inspired by nature.
Benefit from our advanced Betaspun technology that now incorporates a biodegradable filament, such as silk, wrapped around a Merino base.
Evolve. Like nature does.

Evolved Betaspun properties:
• 100% biodegradable
• durable
• lightweight
• abrasion-resistant
• low hairiness and Pilling
• soft and comfortabl

Check out These Betaspun Evolution qualities:

Jackson Betaspun Nm 60/1
88% Merino wool 17,2μ TEC
12% Silk filament 22 dtex

Alabama Betaspun Nm 60/1
65% Merino wool 17,2μ TEC
35% Cotton (Nm 170/1)

Epupa Betaspun Nm 60/1
75% Merino wool 18,4μ TEC
25% Biodegradable Polyamide Amni Soul Eco® 44 dtex

Greenville Betaspun Nm 60/1
80% Merino wool 18,4μ TEC
20% Viscose filament 33 dtex

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